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A Message From Haiti

I communicate regularly with Fanmi Lasante's administrator, Dieuner Belice. He sends me a message in What's App, which I copy and paste into Google Translate to read, then I type my reply in Translate, then copy and paste into What's App. It's a little time consuming, but always worth it for the great information I receive. I wanted to share one of the encouraging messages Dieuner sent me awhile ago.

"I am proud of the work (the staff) are helping to do in (our) community that is vulnerable in the field of health.

I would like them to continue because I will make all possible sacrifices for the work to bring more fruit to the community because this will inspire the youth of the community to become professionals just like the people who are working now and we will take the path of development.

Focus on the sacrifice you (Stone by Stone supporters) are making and see how to sow with all your heart to support God's people who are in need. God is doing what is in His compassion for us.

What usually makes me (glad) is when people leave and say thank you for the medicine, the work is good, and it's the only one in the clinic that gives that much money. (If they didn't) find solutions they would die.

Thank you very much for all the support I have no words to thank (everyone) because the work is too huge."

I hope this message encourages you as much as it does me. The work we are doing is so important and the people in Haiti recognize what our support is bringing to their communities. Thank you for helping us in this work.

Nicole Pastore

executive director

(Some clarifications made for readability. Google Translation is not perfect.)

Below: clinic administrator Dieuner Belice in the middle with two doctors that work with the clinic on the right and left.


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