Fanmi Lasante, located in the village of Desab, serves a number of villages and reaches an estimated 10,000 people in the Cabaret region. The medical needs in this community are great.

The people are faced with malnutrition, various infections, hypertension, lung disease, and more. The women do not have access to consistent pre-natal care, and post-partum complications are a significant threat.

Fanmi Lasante currently operates two days a week, with full staff. This enables the staff to provide better access to care for the community. There is currently a high demand on clinic days and possibly a third day.

We also want to continue to take medical personnel to the area to provide increased care that might be needed, training for the current staff, and to take medical care into the outlying villages that do not have easy access to the clinic.

Our goal for the clinic in Desab is consistent, sustainable, quality health care for the community. We are excited about the opportunity to do this, and to share hope with this community.

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