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Stone By Stone is a 501(c)3 non-profit, faith-based organization whose goal is to bring quality, reliable, and consistent health care to a mountain region near Cabaret, Haiti. This region includes several villages with an estimated reach of 10,000 people.

Years ago an organization known as HASWEP was formed to empower the young men and create leadership within the villages. The HASWEP organization owns the clinic property and building, and we work in partnership with them as we serve the community. While our base and the clinic are in Desab, we look for ways to improve the health and well-being throughout the entire region.




Executive Director & President. PA-C, Liverpool, NY. Nicole is a physician assistant who has spent the majority of her 16+ year career in family practice. She is passionate about the opportunity to bring better and consistent healthcare to the Desab region in Haiti. While in Haiti, Nicole leads teams, provides health education programs, meets with the clinic staff, and works with groups to advance healthcare in the villages.


Vice President & Treasurer, Salem, NH. Sue has been a nurse for 36 years in the operating room and labor and delivery. She and her husband Tony have three grown children. Sue has a strong love for the people of Haiti. She is amazed at the resilience and determination of the Haitian people who survive against some significant challenges.


Secretary, New Castle, PA. Greg is the Business Manager at the City Rescue Mission in New Castle, Pennsylvania. He brings years of business and non-profit management experience to our organization. He is enthusiastic about helping Stone by Stone achieve its financial goals so that the team can expand medical care to the community. Greg and his wife, Heleace, have three adult children.

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Dr. Gabrielle Cajuste attended medical school at Universite Quisqueya. She graduated in 2007. She completed her residency and has been in general practice for most of her career. She cares for adults, children, babies, and also provides OB/gyn and prenatal care. She is from Cap Haitian.


Fenel Jean is the clinic administrator. He has a degree in Business Administration from University Autonorme de Port Au Prince (UNAP). One of his goals for Fanmi Lasante is for it to continue to grow and function better so people from the community will come because we can provide better care. Fenel is married and has two sons. He is from Desab but lives in Cabaret. He enjoys music. He sings and plays the guitar and accordion. When asked what he would like people to know about Haiti he replied, “People should not just keep watching TV and the news, but come so you can make a difference. Make the choice to see for yourself."


Joseph Toussaint Dorlusca, Dentist. Toussaint is a well-educated and multi-talented man. He received a dentistry degree from Ecole Clinic Medico Dentaire. He has a certificate in agriculture and is also an ordained minister with a Bible degree.  He is married and has 6 children.  


Magdaleine Jean is the nurse at Fanmi Lasante.  She has a four-year nursing degree and passed her state exams July 2017.  She is currently registered in a masters in community health program as well.  Magdaleine is an excellent nurse.  She takes wonderful care of the people in the community and the clinic staff are all happy to work with her.  She teaches 7th-9th grades in the Desab school one day a week.  Magdaleine has one daughter.


Charnette (“Sissie”) is the pharmacy tech. She attended a one year program at university in Port au Prince for pharmacy technician. One of her goals for Fanmi Lasante clinic is more responsibility within the clinic and staff. She is 34 years old. Sissie is married and has two sons. She lives in Cabaret. It takes her about half an hour by motorcycle to get to the clinic. When asked what she would like people to know about Haiti she replied, “Haiti is a good place for everybody to come.”


Finelia is one of the health care agents. She attended a certificate program from the state for this profession. She has been working with the clinic since 1985, when the clinic was held in the school in the village. Her job duties include first aid, giving injections, and cleaning the clinic. One of her goals for Fanmi Lasante clinic is to see the clinic become a big hospital so patients can come and receive more care. She is 60 years old. She is married and has 8 children. Finelia is from Tima and has family in Cabaret. It takes her 2 hours to walk from Cabaret to the clinic, and 35 minutes to walk from Tima. When asked what she would like people to know about Haiti she replied that they want Haiti to change and for the country to become healthy.


Jeanty is the other health care agent. He attended a certificate program from the state for this profession. He also has been working with the clinic since 1985. One of his goals for the clinic is to see it offer more services in order to help more people with their problems. He is 48 years old. He is married and has 10 children. He lives in Desab. It takes him about 10 minutes to walk to the clinic. When asked what he would like people to know about Haiti he replied, “Most of the time people talk about the city, but there are beautiful parts in the mountains. People see the cities destroyed by the hurricanes, but Haiti has a lot of fresh air and is beautiful.”

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