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Mission Statement:

Based on our belief that all children deserve access to a quality education, we strive to make it accessible to the children of Desab, Haiti and neighboring mountain villages. We believe that through sustainable funding sources and partnerships we can positively impact the lives of these children.



Committee Member: Teacher, Blauvelt, NY. Mary is a teacher who has spent her entire career in urban education, working to bring quality education to all students, despite their socio-economic status. She is excited to be able to do the same for children in Desab and hopes that through our work we are able to make a difference in the lives of the children that attend the village school.


Committee Member: Special Education Teacher, Ithaca, NY. Her journey to Desab, Haiti began in 2015 when teaching in Syracuse, NY. She is incredibly excited to be on the Education Committee through Stone by Stone to help support the many people living in villages in the mountains of Haiti. She is hoping that with support, we can fund the school to provide the best education, a meal a day, and to see the continuation of education through graduation for all children. She is eager to return to Desab and continue to make a positive change.


Committee Member:  Preschool teacher and mom of five amazing children, West Monroe, NY.  After she and her husband traveled to Haiti for the adoption of their three boys, they fell in love with both the country and its people.  As a founding member of Stone by Stone, Julie has worked passionately to bring awareness to the need for quality education in Desab. While in country Julie leads teams, meets with the school staff and parent committee, works on education related projects and generally loves on all the children.  She is excited to have formed a committee to focus specifically on education and looks forward to working with her fellow committee members.


Committee Member: Teacher, Liverpool, NY. After meeting Julie and her children at school in 2015, she decided to take a trip to Desab, Haiti to help build classrooms and work with the school. This event completely changed her life. Sarah has spent the past 10 years in education working with students in high poverty areas. She is excited to be able to be a part of this education committee dedicated to bringing quality education to the village school in Desab.

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